Industrial Equipments

Company Name: Industrial Equipments
Country: Pakistan
Industry: Technically oriented fluid control product distributors in Pakistan.

 Main Apps Implemented: Sales, Invoicing, CRM,  Accounting, Website, Purchase, Inventory, project, e-commerce, Email-marketing, studio, Employees, Salesperson Own Customers and Sale Orders / Invoice, Discuss, Contact, Calendar, Attendance, Notes, Employee Contacts.
Customer Since: August 2018

Established in 1976, Industrial Equipments (IE) has earned the reputation of being one of the most renowned and technically oriented fluid control product distributors in Pakistan since its inception. With a history of almost half a century, the firm has grown into a leading importer, stockiest, supplier, and service provider of valves, pipes & pipe fittings, measuring instruments, and pneumatic components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our product range covers all the needs of an industry when it comes to fluid control. We have valves, fittings, Instruments, and accessories for various industry standard fluids such as normal water, condensate water, Steam, oil, gas, compressed air, fuel, chemicals, and more. Our products cover pressure ranges from vacuum to over 10,000 psi!

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